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Essence Therapy Hove | TRILLINGO
Essence Therapy Hove

Essence health and wellness center is situated on Church Road in Hove.

The center philosophies are based on the belief of health, wellness and the natural human feeling of mental and physical well being.

They believe that anyone can nurture and heal at any level. They have a variety of classes, teachers and natural health remedies stocked onsite.

The founders are very community minded and welcome anyone to come and pop in for classes or treatments.

Essence is dedicated to making sure you take care of your body and spirit in the most effective way. They offer a variety of treatments, therapies and classes tailored to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Quality customer service is their main priority, so that you feel comfortable and well-informed on all the treatments available.

There is always someone on hand to offer guidance and support if needed.

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